Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Was George Washington a Christian? Free eBook Available Feb 28 and 29

Was George Washington a Christian? Was George Washington a Deist? Did George Washington pray? How should we understand the faith of George Washington? These questions and more are addressed in an eBook I recently wrote, which examines the faith of George Washington, the man I believe to be the greatest of our Founding Fathers and the most important leader in American history. 

If you act today (February 28) or tomorrow (February 29), you can discover the facts by getting a free copy of my short eBook Was George Washington a Christian? In order to take advantage of this offer, you need to do the following three things:

  • Sign up for an Amazon account (if you don't already have one)
  • Download a free Kindle app. The free Kindle app can be used to read Amazon Kindle eBooks on your PC, tablet (like an iPad) or smart phone. You just need to go to the following link for information and instructions... Free Kindle Reading Apps
  • Once you have a Kindle reading app (or a physical Kindle), you just need to "purchase" my eBook for free and then download it to your PC or device.
Since the eBook is short, it is not available as a print book at this time. I may do an expanded version later, and make that available for print, but right now, it's only available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle or an Amazon Kindle reading application.
Since you're getting this eBook for NO COST, I would like to ask the following of you...
Please leave a review on its Amazon sales page.
Your review can be as simple as 1 or 2 sentences. It doesn't have to be anything extensive. But leaving this review will really help other readers make an informed decision about whether to invest in this resource. And it will help me out. Even if your comments are negative, I can take those into account for updates and revisions. All I ask is that negative reviews be constructive.

Please note that this offer is available only for February 28 and 29, 2012. After that, the price returns to $1.76 (which is still quite a bargain).
I hope you enjoy the eBook. And, again, please leave a review. Thank you.


DebbieLynne said...

I got to write your first review!

Brian Tubbs said...

Yes, you were. :-) Thank you very much. God bless!