Monday, September 06, 2010

Help Save One of America's Historic Warships

With apologies to my readers, I am stepping outside the normal historic parameters of this site with this post, but I feel it's a worthy cause -- one that will be of interest to anyone interested in United States history, especially US military history.

Moored along the Delaware River in Philadelphia is the oldest steel warship in the world still afloat and the last surviving US combat vessel which took part in the Spanish-American War. The 5,500-ton Olympia, however, may soon see its last days. Without extensive repairs and refurbishing, the Olympia either will sink at its moorings, be sold for scrap, or be scuttled for an artificial reef.

While this blog normally stays within the pre-Civil War period, the historic significance of the Olympia is something of which all Americans should take note. For this reason, I'm asking all my readers to check out Friends of The Cruiser Olympia, read about the ship and its legacy, and see if there is any way you can help. Even small donations can add up. If you can help, I hope you'll consider doing so.

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