Tuesday, November 27, 2007

National Treasure - Get it on DVD

Before National Treasure: Book of Secrets comes out in December, be sure to see the FIRST one! It should be available at your local video store. While I can't say it is a fully accurate history lesson of our founding era :), I can say that it's a LOT of fun!

Here is the trailer...

Click on this link to see the trailer for Book of Secrets.

And then here's a review of the film I wrote some time ago. Have fun!


Corazon said...

Amen. It is a TON of fun! I get made fun of all the time for anticipating this movie. Sometimes history movies are just for fun!

Steve Becknall said...

Sorry for not jumping on the bandwagon, but I hated the first one, so I won't be seeing the second. No offense, just not my cup of joe. Besides, Cage hasn't made a good movie in years.