Friday, November 30, 2007

Book Review: Duel by Thomas Fleming

Dueling - it's a concept that people have a hard time relating to these days. Yet it was a practice steeped in chivalric tradition - a tradition that still informed the Founding Fathers and their time.

Several years ago, historian Thomas J. Fleming plunged into this “affair of honor” custom - specifically, the one, which claimed the life of Alexander Hamilton. Fleming's book Duel gives the reader more than a study in the 18th century culture and ethics of dueling. In the words of Duel's dust jacket, Fleming examines the “post-revolutionary world of 1804, a chaotic and fragile time in the young country as well as a time of tremendous global instability.”

Follow this link for a review of Duel.

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Steve Becknall said...

Fleming is an interesting writer. I have a love-hate relationship with his books. I will say that dueling is an interesting topic for sure. Have you read a book by Chadwick on dueling? I forget the name. I'll have to look it up. Interesting stuff.