Tuesday, September 25, 2007

American Conquest: PC Game Review

Several years ago, I bought, played, and reviewed CDV's American Conquest, a PC game that spans the settlement and colonization of North America as well as the founding of the United States.

You can read my 2003 review of the game here.

Though the graphics are a bit dated, the game is still a lot of fun. American Conquest plays much like Microsoft's Age of Empires. You grow your own food, chop down trees, mine for raw materials (i.e., gold, stone), and produce peasants and soldiers.

You can group your forces into formations, so long as you have the requisite units, which at a minimum include an officer and usually a standard-bearer. In many cases, a drummer is also needed. In addition to formation, unit morale, positioning (i.e., flanking) and equipment play a role in how effective one force may be over another. You can even garrison your troops inside of buildings - and not just forts. Houses, storehouses, and blacksmith shops can provide some of your troops protection as they fire out through windows and doors at the approaching enemy.

I won't repeat everything that I wrote in the original review. Suffice it to say, the game is a blast. And now you should be able to find it in the bargain section of most software stores and even some major chain stores. I saw it recently at Wal-Mart for $9.99. At that price, don't hesitate. Get it and play it. If you like real-time strategy, you'll enjoy American Conquest.

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