Tuesday, April 16, 2019

War of Rights on Steam Brings Battles of the American Civil War to Life

"War of Rights" gameplay screen image courtesy of Steam
Surfing YouTube the other night, I came across video footage of the Civil War PC game "War of Rights." I was hooked. To be honest, I remember seeing "War of Rights" available on Steam, but didn't pay it any attention. The reason being that I was used to Civil War period games being a bit underwhelming and disappointing. Some were okay, but none of them really captured the "feel" of the time period or the excitement of excellent Civil War movies like Glory or Gettysburg.

"War of Rights" is a game-changer. I've now watched quite a few videos of the PC game on YouTube, and I am indeed blown away. Not only are the graphics breathtakingly amazing, but the gameplay captures the look-and-feel of Civil War movies and reenactments.

"War of Rights" is a multiplayer game set during the American Civil War, primarily in the Maryland Campaign of September, 1862. It's produced by indie company Campfire Games and was (according to what I've read) entirely crowdfunded and powered by CRYENGINE.

I've not yet recorded any of my own gameplay. When I do, I'll probably stick a few videos up here. I know. I know. This is an American Revolution blog and not an American Civil War blog, but I hope you'll cut me a little grace on that. The American Civil War was, in any ways, the conclusion of the American Revolution. And frankly, history buffs are history buffs. Those who appreciate early American history can appreciate Civil War history as well.

For gameplay footage, check "Should you buy War of Rights?" from YouTuber "General Cody HD." The game is available on Steam.

I can't wait for a company like Campfire Games to do a similar game on the American Revolution.

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