Monday, July 02, 2018

Celebrate Independence Week 2018 by Reading (or Re-reading) John Adams

In 2001, David McCullough released what is probably the best biography ever written on our second President and one of our most under-rated Founding Fathers. If you haven't read McCullough's John Adams, you should rectify that this Independence Day week.

For my review of John Adams, check out my article over at Medium.


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Our Founding Truth said...

The evidence is quite clear that John Adams was a total jerk. The way he treated Mchenry, Oliver Wolcott Jr., Pickering and even Hamilton is proof enough. He never even sincerely apologized to Mac for his deluded ravings against him (in person). That was the real reason Hamilton attacked JA in the press. Along with GW, they were soldiers in arms, the officer corp highly respectful of Mac. Besides talking out of both sides of his mouth, adams must be held responsible for the rift with AH, the dissolution of the Federalist party and the loss of the presidency to the democrats for 24 consecutive years, and the war of 1812. I don't believe he's underrated at all. He's much too overrated as it is.

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