Saturday, April 03, 2010

Washington's Tomb Points to Promise of Easter

Thinking of Easter, I couldn't help but reflect on the tomb of George and Martha Washington. The Washington Tomb, which became the resting place for the remains of George and Martha Washington in 1831, carries an overt Christian declaration.

To read my latest post over at American Creation that deals with the Washington tomb, click on the following link...

"Washington's Very Christian Tomb"

For more on whether George Washington was a Deist, Unitarian, skeptic, or Christian, check out...

"Was George Washington a Deist?" - an article at Suite101 Protestantism

Washington's God by Michael Novak and Jana Novak

George Washington's Sacred Fire by Peter Lillback


franceshunter said...

Brian, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article. It seems this is a question that can never be settled by history. One thing is for sure -- whatever Washington believed, it differed from 21st-century beliefs, whether Christian or agnostic.

Matt Szalwinski said...

Brian, I too enjoy your articles. I just recently graduated from Temple University with a degree in History. My main area of interest is in the revolutionary period of our nation. I don't know where you're from, but living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I am a simple 10 minute train ride from where our nation all started.
I recently visited Christ's church in old city,
philadelphia. This is where the founding fathers worshipped. Pews were actually purchased by such families as the Adamses, Penns, and Washingtons. The original name plaques that were placed on these pews are still there. Knowing my history and being familiar with the stories relating to the founding fathers being Deists, I often am taken back by the fact that either they purchased these pews to simply make themselves look good, or they really did believe in God and His saving power --- at this time, they needed all the help they could get! There are no atheists (or deists) in foxholes.
Keep up the good work!