Saturday, March 01, 2008

Other Blogs of Interest

While I certainly don't want to encourage anyone to neglect or forget THIS blog, I nevertheless want to direct your attention to some other blogs - some wonderful blogs - pertaining to early American history. I hope you'll take time to visit them...

The American Revolution Blog -- one of the best blogs out there on early US history!

Boston 1775 - the title says it all! But this is a very interesting blog. I recommend checking it out!

Blog4History: American & Civil War History - a very popular and highly regarded blog

A. Lincoln Blog -- self-explanatory

These are just a few. For more, go to The History News Network and look up their list of recommended blogs.


Also, if you want to check out my other blogs, I'd love to have you do so - and provide any feedback...

Brian Tubbs on the Web - my personal blog

How to Vanquish Fear & Insecurity - a motivational blog

The Football Den - self-explanatory (football fans are welcome!)

Movies About History - self-explanatory

And be sure to visit me over at Suite101 and AssociatedContent, where I also write frequently.

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Brad said...

Thanks for the publicity. I am a regular reader of most of the blogs you mentioned.