Friday, December 21, 2007

Was George Washington a Christian?

Whether people say George Washington was a Deist, Christian, or somewhere in between has a LOT to do with the individual's political persuasion. Often, it has little to do with the facts.

Well, Peter Lillback decided that there are enough OPINIONS about George Washington's religious faith. Lillback decided to stick to the FACTS. And in his book, George Washington's Sacred Fire, there are LOTS of facts - hundreds of pages of facts.

I've read through this book - and, believe, me, that's saying something. Reading Lillback's George Washington's Sacred Fire is like wading through a small library!

I hesitate to cut to the bottom line of Lillback's conclusion, because doing so will likely cause some would-be readers to dismiss Lillback. This would be a serious mistake.

Get yourself a copy of Peter Lillback's George Washington's Sacred Fire - and learn the TRUTH about George Washington's religious faith.

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Maxmillian said...

His newest book "Wall of Misconception - Does the separation of church and state mean the separation of God and government?" is nowhere near the bulk of Sacred Fire, but is also a masterful review of the history of this completely now twisted concept. Lillback has to be the current foremost expert on American history. His scholarship is astonishing. His books like these are available at