Thursday, October 25, 2007

Casting the American Revolution

If you were to film a movie or miniseries on the American Revolution AND you had a budget to get whoever you wanted for an all-star cast, who would you pick to direct and star in your epic?

Here we go....

Director - must be someone GOOD w/ action movies (need to keep the audience's attention after all)

George Washington - the star of the film

John Adams - the behind the scenes, noncombatant star (someone who could play a moody, yet very driven 'politician' type - and who would be convincing in romantic scenes with Abigail)

Martha Washington - the love interest for the main star (someone that is attractive in a calming, middle-aged way - not overweight, but heading in that direction)

Abigail Adams - need a strong actress for this role

Ben Franklin - the mentor type character, witty and wise

Lord Cornwallis - the main antagonist of the film (I think we let Tom Wilkinson who played Cornwallis in The Patriot reprise this role), but let's not make him villainous -- just determined and competent

Nathanael Greene - an underrated hero of the Revolution

Henry Knox - another underappreciated hero

Alexander Hamilton - need a young actor, preferably a heartthrob type

Joseph Plumb Martin - we need a guy in the trenches to give us the common soldier perspective in our film or miniseries; this actor needs to be a teenager

What do you think? Who am I missing?


Brad Hart said...

I've actually thought of this question as well over the years. I finally came to a sad but true conclusion. The fact of the matter is that no actors/actresses today could do the roles justice. I would LOVE to see it tried, and maybe I'd be proven wrong (which would be wonderful in this instance) but I just think it would be a BIG letdown.

Brian Tubbs said...

Well, as you know, HBO is making an attempt with "John Adams." We'll see how that goes. If it's successful, McCullough may talk them into trying their hand at "1776."

Raymond said...

Joseph Plumb Martin is an excellent choice for one of the characters. How about John Honeyman? Was he really the spy who gave Washington the inside information on Trenton, or is this a manufactured tale? And don't ever forget Benedict Arnold, one of the best generals on our side until. . . . Check out my novel Memoir of a Green Mountain Boy at: , a slightly irreverent look at Ethan Allen, but I think it captures the small town politics of the moment.