Monday, February 19, 2007

It's NOT Presidents Day

I received an electronic card from a friend today, wishing me a "Happy Presidents Day." The card's subtitle read: "A day which we honor all Presidents."

No...No...NO! There is no Presidents' Day, except in informal, albeit PERVASIVE culture-speak. The actual holiday is (and has been from the beginning) George Washington's Birthday, observed. We officially, though NOT in reality, honor only ONE President the third Monday in February.

Am I one of the only people that cares about this? Are there others who care about honoring the Father of our Country?

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Anonymous said...

I tend to believe James Madison was a christian not a theist like the dishonest Jon Rowe promotes.

His closest friend we know of, Rev. Balmaine said he was a christian, but Rowe would believe an historian over a close friend. Talk about dishonesty.

Madison also declared Christianity the best religion in his memorial, so the only way for you to believe Madison was a theist is that he rejected the first commandment of God, or that he was ignorant of it.
Granted, Jefferson and J. Adams, were ignorant fools who denied the first commandment without even understanding what they were doing, but we don't have that info on Madison.
He may not have been too smart for his own intelligence.

Jon Rowe is the most dishonest teacher I've met in my life, even believing natural law is not biblical. Try reading Luther, Hooker, Montesquieu, Locke, etc. to get that.
I repeat for you, the only way a person can claim to be a christian and believe God is the god of every religion is to reject the first commandment of God.


James G.