Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Is the Electoral College Racist?

Many people today believe we should end the Electoral College. They argue that it is a relic from a bygone era. They further allege it gives too much advantage to one major party (the Republicans) over the other (the Democrats), and they say it's racist.

Yes, in recent years, the Electoral College has been positioned front-and-center in the race debate. 

It's racist, critics argue, because... well... it was designed to prop up white men.  

Yes, that's the argument.  

If you detect any non sequiturs there, it's not because you understand basic logic -- at least according to these critics of the Electoral College and the Founding Fathers.  

It's because you aren't "woke" enough.

I just tweeted a thread (you are following me on Twitter, right?) that lays out the reasons for the Electoral College.  I encourage you to go read it.  (And if you're not following me, please do so).