Monday, August 22, 2011

George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte: Who is the Deadliest Warrior?

One of my favorite TV shows is "The Deadliest Warrior," a documentary series aired on Spike TV. Now in its third season, "Deadliest Warrior" stages match-ups between elite soldiers and/or great military leaders to see who would be "the deadliest." In one of the most recent episodes, the "Deadliest Warrior" team analyzed a hypothetical contest between two of history's most famous generals: George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte.

"Deadliest Warrior" was originally created by Michael Scebknlz and produced by Morningstar Entertainment. Production responsibilities now rest with 44 Blue. It has aired since 2009. Thus far, the show has staged match-ups consisting of pirates, ninjas, samurai, Spartans, knights, Roman gladiators, Green Berets, Navy SEALS, and more. They've also zeroed in on specific individuals, such as Genghis Khan, Shaka Zulu, Saddam Hussein, Joan of Arc, and more.

To determine whether the ruthless master of warfare, Napoleon Bonaparte, could overwhelm the persistent and innovative Washington, the "Deadliest Warrior" production team interviewed experts, staged weapons demonstrations, and put together intense and highly complex mathematical simulations. To compensate for the fact that virtually anything can happen in one battle, "Deadliest Warrior" usually runs 1000 simulations for each contest. In the case of Washington and Napoleon, they ran it 5000 times. And the results were very close. In fact, they were the closest thus far in any match-up. To see who won....

For whatever it's worth, I have to agree with the outcome. What do YOU think?